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Optical Energy Detector (OED)

The OED was part of the original Floodlight system and served as a coarse detector for RF pulses, helping to reduce the search range for the back-end digital parameterizer. The OED utilized an acousto-optic spatial light modulator to introduce the RF signal into the optical beam path, the Fourier transform property of a lens to generate the Power Spectrum (PS), and a high-speed line scan camera to digitize the PS. ISA built several installations of the OED.

Optical Correlator (OC)

ISA developed the OC for performing a million-point correlation on wideband signals in real time. This project culminated in a rack-mountable, OC system whose processing power was 0.6 TFLOPS. This system used liquid crystal on Silicon (LCOS) panels to modulate the optical beam path. LCOS panels are commonly used in projectors sold in the consumer electronics market. Various lens and beam shaping optics were used to image one LCOS panel onto a second LCOS panel and take the inverse Fourier transform. The OC used a diode laser, scan mirror, and high-speed digital cameras.

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