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Persistent Surveillance products

Wide Area Video

WAVcam® is a new, cost-effective technology for conducting real-time, wide area persistent surveillance. It enables robust, persistent wide area detection and assists in getting actionable intelligence into the hands of field personnel. Using a new concept referred to as Wide Area Video (WAV), this system collects high resolution imagery day and night over a 90° field of view (FOV), and provides real-time updates of the entire image every 1 to 2 seconds. Applications include border and port security, perimeter monitoring of industrial and government facilities, as well as surveillance of large public areas and events.

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For orders or quotes call Jonathan Ray, WAVcam Product Manager, at 214-709-4988

Mouse over this WAVcam image of Corpus Christi Bay to better see the image detail.
The left edge is east of Portland, about 8 miles away fromthe WAVcam. Image stretched vertically for better viewing The right edge is near Mustang Island State Park, about 16 miles away from the camera.

Tactical SIGINT System (TSS) provides SIGINT on-demand

The TSS provides persistent, ultra wideband (GHz+) coverage with automatic detection, geolocation, and digital IF (DIF) capture. It is designed to be locally owned and operated by personnel on the ground and gives the ability to target the "unknown unknowns" resulting from enemy adaptation. TSS can be used to reconstruct SIGINT related events to enhance intelligence picture. It can also be used to queue other sensors for further threat interrogation or targeting. TSS acts as a force multiplier and force protection tool.

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